Thursday, December 29, 2011

Going Public

It's time to take the plunge.

After over four years of blogging with my "secret" audience on my password-protected "private" blog (although how private is anything you put on the Internet, really?), it's high time to just get over it and dive in. Since I strive for transparency and honesty in my daily life (in the real world), I figured it would be good if I could say the same about my life in the virtual world. Not that I had a fake persona or anything beforehand, but there's something appealing about just living out loud for all the world to see. And if I ever want to legitimately call myself a writer, new customs dictate that a blog is mandatory, preferably a blog that more than three people have the chance to read.

I mean, honestly. I’m not discussing any top-secret government conspiracies, posting scandalous photos, or putting my bank statements online. The only reason my identity would be worth stealing is because I belong to Jesus, and that can’t really be stolen, so I don’t think the security issue is a big concern. Plus, let's face it, the design options are infinitely better if your blog is public.

So, in a show of pomp and circumstance calmness and quiet words, I welcome you all to read along through the sunny and rainy days of my life. If you don’t know me, or don’t know me too well, or think you know me but are just curious, you should check out the “Who” page. If you know me well enough that you could have written this section yourself, perhaps you should check it out as well, just to make sure I didn’t leave out anything important.

P.S. For the handful of you who have been reading Inherit the Sun since the beginning, thank you! Should you feel in a nostalgic sort of mood and find yourself with time on your hands, you can still access all my previous posts at

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  1. {Did this submit? Ack! Sorry if it's a duplicate.}

    Whee! =D

    Congrats on going public, Kate! ^_^ I hope you have a wonderful time with it! Love the new layout!

    And as for the questionnaire in the About section, I think I'll agree with you that the first option looks pretty good for most of them — although I'll choose country over city. =]

    (And I had no idea your parents didn't like fish! =)