Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From Florida to Flurries

To February. Wow, seriously? Over a month since my last post?!

To be fair, we were off in Florida and the Western Caribbean for a good chunk of January. I had intended to post a full vacation recap once we returned to snowy Toronto (which is, sadly, no longer snowy). Of course, I also intended to clean the apartment from top to bottom, fully unpack within a few days of coming home, organize my photos from the trip/order prints, and finish my book club novel. Three guesses as to how all that turned out...

But onwards and upwards, as one of my mom's friends always used to say. The trip? It was at once fabulous, not what I was expecting, tiring, and full of great moments and "firsts" that I will not soon forget. I actually feel like I learned a lot about myself over the two weeks we were away, and I think part of my delinquency in posting here about it all was because I was still processing everything. As for photos, I have only gone through about a third of the ones we took and I'm still waiting for some from the friends with whom we travelled, so once I get my act together (and carve out a few hours over the coming weeks) I will post a more extensive sample here and a link to the complete set on Facebook or Flickr. (As an aside, I wonder if I still remember my Flickr password...)

As wonderful as the trip was (two days in Miami, a day in Everglades City, a week-long Caribbean cruise, and four days in Orlando), and it was wonderful, I think both Wilson and I have a preference for shorter trips - both in distance and time. Two weeks is a fantastic break from the daily grind, but it's also a long time to be away from home, and by our last couple days in Orlando we were both happy at the thought of coming back.

So now it's business as usual around here, or as usual as life ever is for us! I have to confess there's a certain comfort of the normal weekly tasks that I need to do (cooking, laundry, workouts, church activities, etc.). But just give it a few months - I'm sure I'll be longing for the luxuries of room service, relaxing on the beach, and mid-afternoon naps in no time.


  1. WOW! The cruise sounds (and looks, in the glimpses in the photos) like it was amazing! Glad to hear you had a great time, but I know what you mean about it always being nice to get back home. Hope you're settling in nicely.

    (And if you find yourself feeling nostalgic, you could sneak in an afternoon nap one day and then . . . maybe try recreating a favourite meal from the trip?) =]

    Can't wait to see more photos!

    Love you!

  2. Wow Erin, so speedy with the comment - impressive! I totally love your idea about just taking a nap anyways and recreating a meal from the trip. Sounds like a great way to chase away the winter blues (although lately our temperatures have been so mild it hardly feels like winter in the city). Thanks for the excellent suggestion! xoxo