Thursday, February 9, 2012

Full-Body Malaise

Tonight, after a full-ish day of work (though I got to leave early, yay!), I decided to crash on the couch with mindless TV in the background and my laptop staring me in the face. A few hours later, the Internet had brought me a really interesting article about Meryl Streep (♥), another article about the intersection of faith and a modelling career, a blog post examining why the question, "So, how big is your church?" is probably not ideal, some links to pricey but nice-looking make-up at Sephora, and a final blog post in which the author used the term "Full-Body Malaise" - a phrase I am now officially adopting for excessive use on this blog and in real life. Oh, how beautifully these three little words sum up how I'm feeling tonight.

That, people, is why I love the Internet.

(In other random news: I have known for a while that I have an extreme aversion to clipping my nails, but I just discovered that I also have an even more extreme aversion to other people clipping their nails in my presence. The sound, the sound! Is it strange that it took over three years of marriage to discover this?)

P.S. Just because I love you, and we are on the topic of The Wonders of the Internet, I bring you this genius video. I'm not sure if it was actually staged or truly impromptu, but in any case, it makes me smile. Enjoy! xo

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  1. =D Thank you for sharing, Kate! That was a lot of interesting stuff to explore! (The violin improv probably wasn't staged, just because of how much he fumbles, but it's interesting that the phone waited until he was at the end of/at a break in his piece. Very cute, in either case. =])

    Hope your full-body malaise is cleared up (what a great term)!!

    Love! xoxoxoxo