Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Stuff Done

Lately, it feels like I've been making my home in a rut. A deep rut, one that has been hard to get out of. People keep asking me how my vacation/summer is going and I keep saying, "Good. Quiet! Which is great!" and that's true and all, but I feel like it's somehow sub-par. Shouldn't I be doing things? Going places? Excited about life?

Maybe it's our braggy Facebook culture, maybe it's just a mash-up of others' and my own expectations being idealistic and/or unrealistic. Bah, I don't know! Maybe I'm just temporarily mired in melancholy... Is there such a thing as summer SAD?

In any case, I've been trying to shake off these summer blues by spending more time outside the house and less time in front of a screen (blog posts not withstanding!). Homebody that I am, I do make it a point to fight my hermit-like tendencies by venturing outside at least once a day most of the time, but lately a brief 10-minute foray into the world beyond our own 700 square feet just hasn't been cutting it. So! More time outside, walking as much as possible, drinking more tea (because it makes me feel more connected to my English roots, and thus, happy), and crossing as much stuff as possible off my to-do list.

Today was a triumphant Getting Stuff Done day, with multiple loads of laundry tumbled dry, a menu planned for tomorrow's BBQ dinner, a fridge full of fresh produce, a package mailed, new library books sitting in a pleasing stack on our coffee table, and an email sent to follow up on a tutoring lead.

Here's to high-tailing it out of that rut!


WSJ article found via Tim Challies' always entertaining A La Carte.

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