Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Friday :)

A few fun things today, complete with Youtube videos. Enjoy! xx

1. The new theme song for the upcoming James Bond flick has been released. Adele was clearly the best choice to sing this rather epic number - what a lovely voice. Every time I hear one of her songs I'm drawn in by the depth and soulfulness of of her voice. ♥ Gorgeous! I also really love the graphic design for the "music video" - the font choice and timing of the lyrics on screen was just perfect and didn't distract at all from the impact of the instrumentation or vocals. Well done, designer(s), well done.


2. After reading this post, I'm inspired to line up some documentaries to watch with Wilson on some of our upcoming date nights. (We set aside one night per week that's just for the two of us to spend time together - easy enough before having kids, we'll see how long that continues once we have a little munchkin or two running around!) These three look intriguing to me... any other recommendations?

BABIES (Been wanting to see this one since I first heard of it a year or two ago. Babies!! ♥)


FIRST POSITION (Yikes - that "foot stretcher" looks like a medieval torture device!)

THE BLUE PLANET (Okay, technically this is a mini-series and not a documentary, but it still looks fascinating to me. I'm also interested in the highly acclaimed film Earth, which I believe was produced by the same team. This clip is from one of The Blue Planet episodes. The music drives up the intensity so much - love it!)

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  1. Oooh, hope you two have a good time watching documentaries!

    I am really really really tempted to watch/listen to the new Bond theme song, but for whatever reason, I want to avoid hearing it until I see the new film (which I am sooo excited for!). ^-^"