Sunday, January 6, 2013


This just in! New studies show that bloggers with limited access to a personal computing device with full keyboard experience a 67% greater chance of delayed blog posts and are less likely to blog on a semi-daily basis than those with regular private access to a laptop or computer. This study funded by an anonymous group of hypothetical middle class persons whose laptops inevitably break down on the cusp of extended warranty expiration dates which unhappily coincide with major holidays and thus delay repair of said laptops for an indeterminate amount of time.

Man, can I feel for those people! I'm so thankful for my android tablet (spoiled!) which Wilson gave me as a birthday present this year, but I will say that typing out blog posts (or anything longer than a brief email, really) on it is a bit of a pain. And yes, Eugene is still in the laptop hospital somewhere, while technicians try to figure out why he keeps shutting down and refusing to reboot at the most inconvenient moments. In the meantime, I expect my posts to be a little more sparse than usual, but hopefully this will be remedied soon. Fingers crossed! :)


  1. Ack! So sorry to hear about Eugene! Hope he gets well soon! =[

    I'm continuously (read: intermittently) reminded how much I take technology for granted. It's kind of crazy how much I rely on it. *sigh*

    Hope you're doing well, my dear, and that other than computer troubles, your new year is going wonderfully!

    (PS: The fox card you sent IS SO CUTE! Thank you! =D ^_^)


  2. Thanks, Erin! No word yet so I'm planning to call the store tomorrow to find out if they have a progress report (though I doubt it). New Year has been off to a good start on my end - hope you're doing well, too! xx

    P.S. Did you just get the fox card recently?! I sent it mid-December! Glad you like it - saw it at work and instantly thought of you. :)