Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mon passeport

I am SO impressed with Passport Canada! Not only did it take a mere 30 minutes (on a Friday afternoon, no less!) to submit my passport renewal application, but less than a week later what should I find waiting for me when I got home from work but my spiffy new passport, unsigned, sealed, and delivered? Talk about great service!

And to top it all off, I also received a lovely note from Erin in the post* this afternoon. Pretty much a fantastic afternoon all-around. Hope your day finished well! xx

*I felt so in touch with my British roots just typing that!


  1. Glad the card didn't get lost in the post! ^_^

    And yay, quickly and painlessly renewed passport! That is fabulous! =D (Oy, sometimes those waits for gov't documents can be looooooong. o-o)


  2. I KNOW!!! I was a little paranoid about it getting lost, but they send it registered mail so that made me feel a bit better. I was super relieved when it arrived ahead of schedule (especially with a trip coming up early next month). :D