Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sleep in the Balance

Benefits of Waking Up Before 6:30 am :

1. More hours in the day to get stuff done.
2. Watching the sky brighten.
3. Balancing off the almost 12 hours of sleep you got yesterday. (Is this really a benefit? Law of Undulation, maybe?)
4. Not feeling rushed to accomplish today’s tasks.
5. Having enough time to make a leisurely breakfast (and then opting to spend about 90 seconds making a smoothie… FAIL.)
6. Strange motivation to rearrange furniture, clean, and organize everything.
7. More time for blogging!

Drawback of Waking Up Before 6:30 am :

1. Fewer hours of sleep.
2. Loss of sleep.
3. Only slept for five hours.
4. Missing your only day to sleep in.
5. I want to sleeeeeeep!
6. Zzzzzzzzzz… (by 2 pm)
7. Sleep, I miss you. :( 


  1. XD

    Oh, Kate! Sorry to hear you didn't get much sleep! But it made for a good post. ;p

    Also, I definitely agree that getting up early has its perks. It makes the day seem so much longer (I guess that could be a good thing or a bad thing) and so much more productive!

    And nothin' wrong with a smoothie. ^_^

    Hope you've slept better these past few nights. And sleep well tonight, too, my dear!

  2. Thanks, Erin. I have been sleeping really well since then (except for one night), I think largely due to the cooler temps we've been having. Miraculously the a/c is still on in our building (huzzah!!) which means I can get it nice and cool at night. So far that seems to be one of the biggest factors in my ability to fall and stay asleep for the night, so I am really enjoying it while it lasts! :)