Saturday, July 23, 2016

Photo Update: Vacation Days 11-21

Since I have never been much good at keeping a journal (a sad fact for a writer, but there it is), I resolved this month to keep track of my vacation by taking at least one photo every day. This practice admittedly makes for lazy blogging, but has happily helped me remember in vivid detail much of what has transpired over the past ten days (an impressive feat for me at any time, let alone during a month of unstructured, unscheduled living, considering I routinely arrive at our Friday fellowship meeting unable to answer the classic, "How was your week?" with anything more than a blank stare and a hazy feeling of being busy but lacking concrete recollection of a single thing I have accomplished during said week). And so, without further ado or another long-winded aside, I present you with this photo update of the "middle third" of my vacation.

BBQ on the patio (July 11)
Quality time with out of town friends! (July 11)
Nothing says summer like being wrapped up in a blanket on the couch watching Netflix, LOL!  (July 12)
Homemade iced lemon mint courtesy of the lovely L (July 13)
The perfect low-key hangout day: swimming, movie night, nachos (July 13)
Summer treats - cooling off with an iced capp (July 15)
The requisite feet by the pool shot (July 15)
Friend dates ftw! Ending the best day ever with bubble tea! (July 16)
Because 48 goals didn't seem like enough, I added 2 more "official" goals and 8 "bonus" items, LOL! (July 18)
Milk and cookies :D (July 19)
Glorious late night sunsets (July 19)
Summer in a bowl (July 20)
Grow little buddy, grow! (July 21)
That light, those clouds (take 1)! (July 21)
That light, those clouds (take 2)! (July 21)


  1. Love love love these photos! =D

    1. Thanks! <3 I weirdly am just seeing this comment now - what gives, blogspot?! :)