Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Do-Nothing Day

Despite waking up this morning at 6:30 am and discovering that the back pain I was experiencing in my dream was actually back pain I was experiencing in real life, it's been a pretty good day all around. I cancelled my morning gym appointment, soothed my back with a hot pack that Wilson heated up for me, and then tucked in for a lazy day at home. Well, after making scrambled eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. I figured since I was already awake and clearly not about to go back to sleep anytime soon I might as well make myself useful before Wilson left for work. :p

Miraculously, my back pain has completely disappeared now (What the what?! Not that I'm complaining!), and I'm extra rested and ready to face a full day of work and errands tomorrow. Plus, I've checked some correspondence items off my to do list, researched what kind of tablet we should buy if we do indeed buy a tablet, and even signed myself and a friend up for ZUMBA! classes at a local studio, thanks to a great online deal.

So now it's off to listen to more tracks from Laurence Fox (my latest music obsession), read the graphic novel I borrowed from the library, and make a teriyaki shrimp stir fry for dinner. Life is good. :)

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